I need a weekend to get over this weekend!

And…..it’s already time for my first “falling off the wagon” post.

After taking Friday off, on the advice of a Real Author, I did not write on Saturday.  I did not write on Sunday.

Now for the fun part–the excuses.  It’s nearly 11 p.m., and my boys are finally asleep.  Here’s what’s happened in the interval between Thursday’s frustrating writing hour and today:

  • work
  • contractor redoing the bathroom
  • cat with mysterious and rather icky-looking leg injury
  • road trip with little boys
  • Gourd Regatta:  gourd boat race with marshmallow peep captains
  • cat attack (which had nothing to do with the aforementioned mysterious cat injury)
  • projectile vomiting by three-year-old
  • five-year-old with simultaneous nosebleed and diarrhea
  • two little boys seriously off their sleep schedule

Now I am wondering if I should have gone to vet or med school instead of majoring in English.  I am plagued by doubts.  Is my writing publishable?  Is it even finishable?

It’s hard to begin writing again after a Dreadful Writing Day.  And after all that other stuff.  But I’m ‘fessing up in the hopes that this will motivate me to do better tomorrow.

I will do better tomorrow.

I will.

And if I ever decide to make the leap from YA fantasy to memoir, I’ll have a lot to write about!

2 thoughts on “I need a weekend to get over this weekend!

  1. You can do it! You WILL do it! You just pick up where you left off when life got in the way, and you keep going. Because your writing is not just finishable and publishable — it is worthy of worldwide consumption. But will you please do YA *and* memoir? Because I want to read both!

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence, muddyart! Maybe I should do my memoirs as a YA novel. I can't decide if that would be more angst-y or hilarious…

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