Today kicks off National Novel Writing Month!  Huzzah!

I have finished my writing for the day, and for the moment, I’m ahead of schedule.  For the moment, I am on task, with my target firmly in my sights.

I have already experienced word-drain, that phenomenon of writing a bunch of words and suddenly finding that you’ve used all your words and can’t maintain a normal conversation, as when I attempted to point out to my husband that someone had done something to the candle on the table, but I couldn’t think of the word.  “You know, the candle.  Someone–it’s not where it was.  Somebody–I can’t think of the word–across the table–”

The word I was searching for was “moved.”

Let the super-happy crazy funtimes begin!  Who else out there is getting their NaNo on this month?  What is the most amazingly brain-draining thing it’s done to you?