Ten Things: A Curmudgeonly List of Contrariness

I’m trying very hard to post weekly, but some weeks, there’s so much in my head that I have no idea where to start.  I started a post on mental illness, but it brought on an anxiety attack.  I thought about posting about why I write YA fiction, but I felt too lazy to write about writing.  I considered writing about the current status of my works in progress, but that would suggest that there’s something to report. So now my post is two days overdue, and I’m feeling contrary and yet obligated to put something out there in the ether.  So, since I’m feeling particularly curmudgeonly at the moment, I’m going with my top ten list of things that are currently driving me batty.  Hopefully this will shake something loose for next time, and I’ll have something more constructive to say.  Please feel free to add your own in the comments.  It’s Monday.  Let’s grouse.

1)  Mental illness is NOT an STI.  There is no mental condom.  More’s the pity.

2)  Young Adult literature is NOT categorically inferior.  If you can impress a teenager, you can impress anyone.

3)  Vampires are NOT hot.  They are dead.  That is WAY GROSS.  And I’m pretty sure it’s illegal, like, everywhere.

4)  Introverts are NOT socially inept.  Knowing when to shut up is perhaps the most valuable and neglected social skill.

5)  Sherlock Holmes is NOT in love with Irene Adler.  Only people with tiny imaginations need to insert a romance in everything.

6)  A family of four living in the middle of a city does NOT need a giant SUV.  Unless they are giants.

7)  Blue M&Ms are NOT better than the light brown ones from Days of Yore.  Food is not that color blue.

8)  Government is NOT a business.  Businesses exist to make a profit.  Governments exist to serve people.

9)  Lists do NOT need to include ten things.  But for some reason I feel like they do.

10)  Blogging is NOT easy.  It is eating my brain.

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