If you give a writer a day…….

…….she’s going to want to write.

But before she starts working on her novel, she’ll realize that she needs to journal first–just to get all the junk out of her head.


But when she sits down to journal, she’ll spot that copy of The Complete Poems of John Keats that’s been hanging out on the corner of the table.


Oh, John Keats, you are OWNING that pensive staring.

But just thinking about reading British poetry will make her want a cup of tea.


And what goes with tea? Scones!!! She’s definitely going to need scones. But first, she’ll have to bake them.

The sugar will remind her that she needs to make syrup for the honeybees. So she’ll do that, too.

Three batches of scones and two quarts of sugar water later, she’ll start doing the dishes. The phone will ring. Then she will settle down to read some Keats. She will find this marvellously weird line and get completely distracted. She will start thinking about sharks.

Just when I think I couldn’t love you more, John Keats, you go and stick a shark in a poem. JK FTW!!!

Then, fueled by scones and tea, she will pick up her journal and start to write.


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  1. Thanks for opening the door to your brain and letting us in. It’s lovely in there. But…do you know what happens if you give a mouse a cookie?

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