Rejection. And some dragons.

Early this week, I got a rejection email from the agent who requested the full manuscript of my YA contemporary fantasy over two years ago. I’d been really hopeful about this one, despite the long wait–maybe because of it. If stubbornness is my greatest virtue, anticipation is probably my second.

It’s taking me a while to bounce back from this one. I know what I need to do. I’m setting these words here not to inspire sympathy or indignation at The System. I’m not seeking reassurance that I’m a good writer. I will keep showing up to the page, because that’s what I do, and I’ll keep trying to make a career out of what I love.

What I want is to testify. To leave a body of evidence. To chronicle my journey on the chance that someone else may be in need of a map. I want to be very transparent about my process in case this information is helpful to someone else. Writing is, after all, a solitary endeavor, especially for the unpublished writer.

All I can do is set down these thoughts in the hopes that they’ll light a beacon. If you’re driven by conviction, ensnared by beauty, and struggling to blaze a path for your life that points always toward your true north, then know that you’re not alone.

And now, without further ado, here are some dragons with flowers, because I think we can all use some tiny fierce magic and beauty this week.

8 thoughts on “Rejection. And some dragons.

  1. I’m still going to say it… I love your writing, Brenna, and I’m hopeful that the larger world will soon have access to read it! Keep showing up and doing what you do and thank you for that. Keeps me going, too! XO

    1. Thank you, Barb. I appreciate you–your kindness, your support, and your writing and brave truth-telling. Thanks for doing what you do–I’m glad I can help that process in any way!

  2. I will gratefully continue reading anything you write, whether it is a novel or a laundry list, as long as the little
    dragons have their say, too. Self-publish? The Order of Real Imaginary Friends is gathering round to shower you with parts of speech! And encouragement! Plus an occasional cookie. Or six. Xoxo J

    1. Thanks, Jaryn! The dragons will always have their say–though small, they have Opinions. 🙂 And we will take all the cookies we can get! Now I’m imagining a parts of speech shower……something to take after drafting a novel, maybe? or before…..

      1. When one is named “Jaryn” the literate few (and the hearing impaired) hear it as “gerund.” I thought of wearing a tail that read “ING” to turn myself a proper noun, but the feeling passed. When in casual gatherings I introduce myself as “Jan.” It is my vanilla name. Some people have secret names. Others have colors, flavors or little leitmotifs.

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        1. “Jaryn” is a marvellous name. I’ve never heard it before. I think it’s quite magical. My experience has mostly been that I have to convince people I’m not “Brenda.”

  3. The journey is more important than the inn,” or something like that say the Spanish. What you write on the way to publication (and it will happen!!!) is so worthwhile, helpful to some, and very enjoyable to all your readers. I love your dragons!

    1. Thanks, Sybille. I like that saying; I’d never heard it before. Sometimes one could wish that the mattress at the inn was a little less dodgy, but the adventure is worth it.

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