Twenty days of resistance, twenty days of hope


Like many Americans, I’ve been struggling to come to terms with the results–and implications–of the 2016 presidential election. It all feels enormous, beyond my control. While others have bravely begun speaking out and acting out, I’ve been silent, still. Percolating. Trying to figure out how to respond. It’s not that I don’t have ideas–it’s that there are so many ideas, so many possibilities, so many worthy goals and organizations to support–and that I feel so small, so inadequate to the magnitude of the times, the tasks ahead.

So I’m setting small goals for myself in these twenty days leading up to the inauguration. I’ve committed to perform, each day, one small act of resistance to the forces of hate and oppression, and one small act of hope.

Yesterday, I began. Act of resistance #1: I ordered Plan B. I don’t anticipate ever using it myself, but should women’s reproductive rights be stripped away under a misogynistic administration headed by a president who views women as objects for his amusement, I can give it to a friend in need, donate it to a clinic. The suggestion comes from this piece, by Ruby-Beth Bultekant, which I found incredibly helpful and concrete following the election. Bultekant stresses that anyone can order Plan B, whether male or female. You can do so discreetly, at a fraction of the pharmacy cost, here.

Act of hope #1: threw a New Year’s Day party. Surrounded myself with good people. Thanks, y’all–I love you. You give me hope. Let’s build a community that’s resilient, realistic, and optimistic. Let’s make sure love wins.

Today, act of resistance #2 was reading my pocket copy of the Constitution. You can purchase a pocket copy from the ACLU for $11.99. My friend Sara points out that you can purchase an e-copy for 99 cents. Know your rights. Insist upon them.

Act of hope #2: putting my twenty-day resolution out there in the hope that if you, too, have felt silenced and discouraged, this may offer some small comfort or inspiration. You are not alone. If you want to join me, look for me here and on Twitter: #20resistance20hope

Happy New Year. Let’s make it great. Period.

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