a small ritual for the first-quarter moon


light a white candle for light
light a black candle for darkness
(the moon has two faces)

this moon is a moment
of balance–but only
a moment

“half-moon,” we say
but there is only a second
in which this is true

do not wait for this moment
you will not find it
the moon is in constant motion

act now, in the full
and honest knowledge
that all we do
was flawed
before we began
that nothing lasts
that all beginnings contain
within themselves
their own endings

act now, knowing
that the perfect
is the enemy
of the good
and you are good
and you are thus
the enemy of the perfect

you are infinitely richer
and more beautiful
than perfection
like dark seas
on the bright face of the moon
like the fleck of dust
at the heart of a flawed diamond
that makes it sparkle
like the core of irritation
at the heart of a pearl
lopsided and lustrous
in its perfect