uses for moonlight

set a jar of water outside
let it steep in moonlight
bring it in early the next day
when it is slick and cold with dew
brew tea with moonwater
drink your moon tea and taste
how much sweeter it is

leave crystals, jewelry, baubles
in the moonlight
bring them in early the next day
before sunlight touches them
let them numb your fingers
dry them with white cloth and notice
how much brighter they sparkle

walk at night
when the moon is rising
begin in darkness
and end in a riot of silver
let it wash your skin
fill your pores–feel
how it floods you like water

pull the night air deep
into your lungs
fill yourself with particles
of quicksilver
let it steal your breath
for a moment–then breathe in
like a wild thing on a perfumed trail

give the moon a name
a secret name
that only the moon can know
whisper the moon’s name
through the window
never tell anyone
speak the moon’s name and hear
how the moon listens


3 thoughts on “uses for moonlight

  1. Oh, how I love this work of art!!!!
    Beautiful flowing encouraging words chosen by you, the wondrous writer!!!!

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