Better than nothing!

2,055 words today for NaNoWriMo!

I wrote a bunch of garbage.  It’s nearly devoid of meaningful structure, it’s poorly thought-out, the dialogue is lame, and the characterization and setting are phenomenally weak.  Of the 2,055 words I wrote, I foresee maybe 25 or so making their way into anything resembling a final draft.

But I did it!  After waking up at 5am, leaving the house at 6:15, working ten hours alternately in a freezing garage and a stifling storage room, hauling boxes that weigh more than my kids and manhandling collapsing shelving units (isn’t my job sexy??) I got home at 6:15pm, exhausted, beat-up, and ready to collapse.  My awesome husband brought me supper and wrangled the kids into bed so I could write.

And I did write.  And it is complete and utter crap.  But I did it.  And that in itself feels like a tremendous victory.

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