Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning…

Like many people, I’m worried. Scared, even. This feels like the beginning of a new age, and not the kind I’d hoped my children would inherit. Since the first of the year, I’ve been doing a project: #20resistance20hope. It’s been my way of stepping up as well as taking care of myself.

What I’ve learned through this process so far is that I have taken democracy for granted. I’ve voted, but otherwise I haven’t worked to help maintain it. I haven’t stepped up, haven’t taken on the burden of the responsibility that goes along with the power of having a voice.

I have a voice.

Often I feel I don’t, because it doesn’t reach as far as I’d like, spark the kind of change I’d like to help instigate. The people who read my words, who hear my voice, are a handful of amazing writer-friends, my family, and literary agents. And you. Thank you for listening.

Through my small–and I mean small–acts of resistance and of hope, I’m learning that I do reach a few people, and that that matters. I don’t need a huge platform. Despite all my childhood dreams, I am not going to SAVE THE WORLD. But that’s okay, because that’s not the work I’m here to do–I’m here to save what I can.

Often I feel silence–by the enormity of events, by the volume of others’ voices, by my own self-doubt. I need to use my voice more, and I need to speak truth. It doesn’t matter how far it reaches–what matters is that there are others speaking truth, and we are legion.

#voice #365magicwords

I’m figuring out how to continue this project past the twenty days. I’d love your thoughts, and your company.

How are you using your one true voice?

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